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Sustainability has a name ...



Yes, we were born with sustainability. Both of us, Sepp and Mathilde, grew up on mountain farms. From childhood we learned to deal with the natural resources. Everything was produced at the farm and everything was also used. So every food, the energy, the water, everything that we grew up with in very simple circumstances, got a value.



To live in nature, to live with nature and to do business with nature, always focusing on the fact that the treasure that nature provides us with every day does not get smaller, so that future generations can still draw from it.

If we then also recognize that we don't have to do without anything when using it intelligently and taking a holistic view, but only have to act in a considered and careful manner.



The ALPENCAMP is one of the pioneers of sustainable, ecological camping in Europe.

  • 2001 Construction of Austria's first allergy friendly biochalets. (GLAMPING PIONEER PROJECT)

  • 2005 First certification with the EU-ECO-LABEL

  • 2008 certification for climate alliance operation

  • 2008 Construction of Europe's most modern bio-heating system

  • 2008 Construction of a 100 m² solar thermal system

  • 2012 Electromobility with the first E-CAR (Renault ZOE)

  • 2016 Awarded the Austrian Ecolabel

  • 2018 Construction of the first 3 e-charging stations (type 2, Tesla charger)

  • 2020 Installation of another e-charging station (type 2, 11 KW)

  • 2020 Construction of a PV self-sufficiency system with 66 m²

  • 2020 E-CARSHARING in the Alpencamp.



  • 100 m² solar thermal system

  • 66 m² photovoltaic self-supply system

  • Performance optimization system for electrics

  • Fully automated, visualized industrial plant control

  • 100 kW pellet heating (pellets from regional production)

  • Fuzzy logic (self-learning and self-optimizing power management for heat and electricity.

  • State-of-the-art Zortstrom heat distribution system

  • Heat recovery of all ventilation systems

  • 4 x 11 kW E-CHARGER  type 2

  • Many other smaller technical measures to optimize energy, water and heat consumption.



  • Water consumption/year approx. 1300 m³ (approx. 78l/night)

  • Pellet consumption approx. 14.5 tons/year

  • Power consumption/year approx. 80,000 kWh (4.7 kWh/person/night)

    Accumulation of recyclable materials & cleaning agents

  • Residual waste/year approx. 3200 kg (approx. 0.20 kg/overnight stay)

  • Plastics/year approx. 1310 kg (approx. 0.08 kg/overnight stay)

  • Scrap metal/year approx. 300 kg (approx. 0.02 kg/overnight stay)

  • Waste paper/year approx. 2350 kg (approx. 0.14 kg/overnight stay)

  • Organic waste/year approx. 1050 kg (approx. 0.06 kg/night)

  • cleaning agent/year approx. 0.016 kg/night)




The ecological footprint of the ALPENCAMPS is impressive.  In an international comparison of the individual benchmarks, the ALPENCAMP's consumption values are well below the European comparison values.


For example, campsites in Europe use an average of 120 - 150 liters of water per overnight stay. The ALPENCAMP is here in comparison at about 78 liters per night.


Of course, these benchmarks, which are positive for the environment, are only possible if our guests are made aware of them, and we give you a performance promise for them.

Thank you for walking this path with us!

value proposition


The Austrian GreenCampings companies take responsibility for the environment and set an example in terms of resource-saving and responsible corporate management. We guarantee our guests a comprehensive, sustainable holiday experience.


  • GreenCampings companies take special care of a sustainable holiday in untouched nature - our companies meet the demanding criteria "Austrian Ecolabel" and "EU Ecolabel", which affect all areas of the company.

  • GreenCampings companies care about the climate (of our children) - in our companies the CO2 footprint is significantly lower than in comparable companies (e.g. use of photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, solar systems, ...)

  • GreenCampings companies offer the highest holiday quality with added value - our companies are listed on all common camping platforms with a high level of guest satisfaction (4.78/5 (

  • GreenCampings companies live the sustainability philosophy with passion - our companies deal intensively with future-oriented forms of holistic management - each company also has personal priorities.

  • GreenCampings establishments let themselves be looked at – our establishments offer “behind the scenes” tours to show guests how sustainability really works on the farm.

  • GreenCampings businesses live regionality - our businesses preferably use products from regional producers and partners - the guests receive special tips for their purchases.

  • GreenCampings companies offer holidays with deceleration ("slow camping") - our companies offer pure relaxation due to their location and philosophy (special quiet areas, lots of space, green areas,...)

  • GreenCampings companies offer their guests exceptional natural landscapes - our companies have prepared special tips for exceptional nature experiences in the region.

    ... for a higher quality of life, environment and vacation in the most beautiful regions of Austria!


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