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camping barrel

Spending a night in a camping barrel is hard to describe...

CHARACTERISTICS: With a length of 430 cm and a diameter of 250 cm you will find everything you need for a restful night's sleep and still reduced to the essentials.

ROOM DIVISION: 2 benches on the outside left and right. There is a tilting window to the left and right of the entrance door. Anyone who appreciates daylight opens the curtains on the door and window and lets the sun in. The extendable table and benches in the front living area offer enough space to sit. Double bed sleeping comfort in the rear barrel area. There is a large storage space under the bed. Enough sockets and a cozy infrared heater with room thermostat

BEDS & TOWELS: Double bed 180 x 200 cm, bed linen and towels included.


SPECIAL FEATURE: Ideal for couples, or who would like to become one.

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