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Welcome to the reservation and reservation page for our E-CAR "ALPENCAMP-FRED". The prices listed below are special prices that only apply to guests of the ALPENCAMP.


After receiving your reservation, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation request from us. If the desired date is no longer available, you will receive a suggestion for alternative dates from us.


ALPENCAMP-FRED is our electric rental car with a real range of approx. 300 km per charge. FRED is an ID3 from Volkswagen with business equipment. The daily rental price includes electricity consumption for 200 km per day and the motorway vignette. Additional kilometers are charged with additional energy costs of € 0.07 per kilometer. Thus, a further 100 daily kilometers cost € 7.00.


  • Price per hour: € 12.00

  • Flat rate for 3 hours: € 31.00

  • Flat rate for 6 hours: € 60.00

  • Daily flat rate from
    8 a.m. to 10 p.m.: € 72.00


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